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  1. Building Hit Points.... ???

    Building Hit Points.... can someone explaine to me what those Hit Point do and should i consider them....
  2. Can we get the server detail and game setting ?

    Can we get the server detail and game setting ? Thank you
  3. Game setting

    Is it possible to get the full server setting for world 8 ? also was wondering whe co-play will be available, i am new to tribalwar 2 and i dont know from previous server but where the war section in tribe usable and the co-play aswell ? thank for the info. all info is good info about the world.
  4. Guide on espionage please :)

    Can someone explain me how to calculate if my spy will win and get me a report... how i can loose 2 out of 3 spie and bla bla bla.... i just dont seem to get the espionage feature. Damn i loved those white poney in the previous version of the game ;)