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  1. MAP of Top 10 Tribes

    its probably a tribe not in the top 10 that owns that part of the map
  2. Unplayable

    i also have this on world en8 ...
  3. Incredible Lag/Game freezing

    yep me too .for the last week or so its been horrible
  4. MRT's O_O

    from what i can see all they are doing is recruit players so they can move up the ranking .they are the only tribe maxed out in the top 10 right now .i don't expect much from these kind of tribes .
  5. MRT's O_O

    lol i tought this was another thread and different people ... i don;t look at the names and answer without thinking sometimes 1
  6. MRT's O_O

    look up my name :) XD i didnt know rongilley was in lob too ! i thought he was serious ! XD
  7. MRT's O_O

    how can they be pointwhores if they took down the #2 tribe at the beginning of the world while only loosing 3 villages and gaining 220 ! think about that for a sec and then decide who the pointwhores are ! :)
  8. MRT's O_O

    at this point .most tribes are still MRT except for LOB from what i see ...
  9. MRT's O_O

    Same here ;)
  10. Incredible Lag/Game freezing

    same here ,this amout of lag is extremely high on this world compared to others for some reason or i just spend much more time here
  11. MRT's O_O

    then you see tribes with 200 members and create another 200 member sister tribe and in this world so far this has proved to be totally ineffective .this example is D&D who started with over 550 members across 1 main and 2 sister tribes .LOB who had around 140 memebers (only has 7 more today )...
  12. is there a server status page ?

    i was wondering if there was a server status page for the tw2 servers because my page won't load right now and its hard to know if its my fault or if the servers are just down !
  13. Bereich Hall

    i don't suggest joining D&D ! they went over what they can handle !
  14. Are inactive villages turning to barbs?

    can you guys please keep us updated since this was one of the most features back in tw1 and without it the game isn't the same ...thank you
  15. Non-Active Villages

    i totally agree .ive seen province without any active players and only 50 points villages and barbs .these inactive villages also help players grow and since they won't turn barb and continue growing ,its becoming harder and harder for bigger players to find enough resources without farming 5-6...
  16. Competition: Race to 2000!

    First to reach 2000 points.Points are now 2266.On phone now,so if someone can post the screenshot of world rankings,will be really appreciated.Crown user.Thanks