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  1. heyzealot

    Fool's Day

    Game executives seem to intentionally degrade the server's performance on April Fools' Day. The reason I remember is that I don't like the character's face that changes during April Fool's Day, but it's not one or two times that I felt it was intentionally showing. I've played this game for...
  2. heyzealot

    Probabilities of nobles :)

    hum.... coffee ..? :P
  3. heyzealot

    probabilities of nooble !

    @mod please delete this post ♡
  4. heyzealot

    Probabilities of nobles :) You can use this to run your noble more efficiently. I expect the fourth noble to lower your probability of taking your own town. :p When attacking a village that isn't 100 loyalties, you can properly adjust...
  5. heyzealot

    probabilities of nooble !

    how can i delete this post lo l ? T_T
  6. heyzealot

    probabilities of nooble !

  7. heyzealot

    Topics of Conversation: Jhin

    jhin don't play tw2 anymore :) i wanted play with him , but he don't ..