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    Server: Tatai Var keeps disconnecting every 5 min.

    Still glitching, lots of Green Screen!
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    My Top 5

    interesting far as i am concerned most TEN and ASH players were massive Barb noblers, just check the stats. However they were faster at it than anyone else, so congrats on the Win
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    Battle mechanics / Weapon Mastery?

    the carrot is correct
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    Another Noob Queation

    cat top 5 in realm....and you?
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    Another Noob Queation

    Cats dont have opposable like brainz
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    Another Noob Queation

    Nine seems like it will just create more pushing....meow
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    My Top 5

    Hey all my meow list.... 1) djp8 2) Fire 3) Sidney the Baron 4) Random Murders ( was a long battle to the end. Well done 5) WonderBoy Ninja ( very TENacious till the end)
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    top 10 tribes

    R.O.K wont win....meowz