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  1. Tribal Wars 2 - The *** Wars Mockumentary

    yup anyways good luck world im done
  2. Tribal Wars 2 - The *** Wars Mockumentary

    do not waste your breath they do not care about the*** accounts as long as they are making money
  3. Reaching goal

    1 week later still not even a simple response from any one
  4. Reaching goal

    we now have over 1800 vp points please announce it
  5. Reaching goal

    also the closest tribe to us has 39 vp points
  6. Reaching goal

    The Goal is 1800 vp we currently have 1740 we should have that by tonight or in the morning posting now so we might get lucky and they call the world won in a week or so
  7. World ending announcement

    i doubt it
  8. World ending announcement

    lol world still is up
  9. Configurations Feedback (Nideggen)

    but i do agree with a member limit of 20 to 30 this would balance alot of things and also bring more players back TSM from this server was not a premade also we where all Randoms thats how many players that disliked the rest of the leaders on the server Turtles cannot win wars without a...
  10. Configurations Feedback (Nideggen)

    and besides with every single tribe forming alliances in the core and the rim areas it left no room for any tribe to expand but us so of course members jumped ship there expansion was cut off Remember at 1 point in time the world was even we also had a member limit of 20 to 30 for a while but...
  11. Configurations Feedback (Nideggen)

    lol we followed in DOGS footsteps on members and we selected quality of quantity
  12. EN65 Map

    crazy would you mind doing another map im curious on the placement as well a lot has changed as well as new top 5 tribes
  13. Unable to Log In

    any news on when this will be fixed