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    General Discussion (Vianden)

    I think this is more appropriate

    Configurations Feedback (Terebovlia)

    I don't understand why bother post world/unit/Merch speed,BP and moral each time a new server open if it's never going to change .... also 100 is still a lot for tribe limit ...

    Top 5 Tribes Discussion Thread

    Can we please get an update on this ?? maybe a map with some commentary for people like me to have an idea what's going on ... this world forum is becoming sad to look at with all the whining ...

    An End To Gwen! ( Nobles mostly )

    Not to disagree with you but MOL isn't just an item it's an officer .. a part of the game core it can't be removed only balanced/tweaked ... while gwen nobles are crappy items introduced only to milk players base and can very easily be removed

    An End To Gwen! ( Nobles mostly )

    Are you seriously asking inno to get rid of their fattest cow ??? they will never do that ... people ranted about gwen nobles since they were introduced to the game ... they didn't even make a ducking academy a requirement to use those bastards ... i knew there must be nobles in this gwen since...

    Bad Day

    While i do enjoy Drama in all sizes and shapes i really think Mods shouldn't actively participate in this kind of stuffs :rolleyes:

    Implent Co op restriction

    they can ofc added some restrictions to the coop system but it shouldn't be related to activity ... like why should be anyone able to send ress from his coop accs ?

    Implent Co op restriction

    Asking players to be as active as their coops will defeat the purpose of coop for many players wouldn't it ? what inno can do is remove all player coops after X days of inactivity ,still can't understand why they don't want to do that, and cough ... cough ... track/punish pushing ... cough


    I can't say i fully enjoyed this world .... think i skipped +4 months due to work ,damn you bat flu, but i enjoyed those months i played ... one of the reasons i always like to play/start solo is to play with different group of people each world ... i was very lucky to join a solid/great group...
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    New Domination 70%

    1. many people didn't want any merge ... as you said things got complicated ... doesn't mean another merge was a good idea ... 2. not really ... i may ,personal opinion, look down on people who only take barbs but everyone can noble whatever they want ... the point wasn't some players taking...
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    New Domination 70%

    hmm... are you saying what this world needed was another merge so we can close it quicker and enjoy our premature ending ? are we supposed to be sad/disappointed it didn't work ? that i can respect ... i mean no one was expecting you to go inactive as soon as the odds weren't in your favor ...i...
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    New Domination 70%

    THC at 79.77% i think ... On a serious note, i do admire the efforts/time put into this by those few barbs munchers in VIP ... it takes a special kind of minds to be this persistent and barb.. fight back for months on a hopeless worlds running multiple accs at once ... hats off to you ... INNO...
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    General Discussion (Montjuïc)

    My my, next time you should start reporting people who don't cheat for breaking the code of tw2 ...