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    -insert random tribe beef-
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    Neuschwanstein Realm Competitions

    Rip, I could have gotten first if I was paying attention xD Anyway No Crowns - 2nd
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    Y'all alive?

    Yeah good luck there Guts, if anything farming will be easy.
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    Y'all alive?

    Aye, we are fighting them right now xD It's safe to say I made all the right moves in getting V1RUS out of my province. Also Heyyyy Keiiiiiii, TGC is doing hella gooooooddddd. The Company is wealthy :D
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    Y'all alive?

    Just wondering who the active forum people will be, as it is a new world and haven't seen much of anyone talking on the forums. TW1 forums were always busy. TW2.... What.
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    Neuschwanstein Weekly

    Will you be doing everything using cuddles stuff as a guideline? Will you come up with anything new? This is the only thread I have any opinion or questions on Q_Q
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    Neuschwanstein Weekly

    I too would like some interest in the forums, looking forward to it Shekel :D
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    Shows co-ordination, organization, and a seasoned guild leader. I'd say it gives a great impression. "then what you're asking for isn't much at all mate" should be easy to do then no? every bit counts when you want to make an impression.
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    (OTB) Order of The Black

    Tribe names seem so uptight so far.