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  1. I cannot see the realm!

    I can't see the realm in the open realm list....
  2. December 21st

  3. December 19th

  4. December 15th

    13 hrs 12 min
  5. December 14th

    conquer all
  6. December 13th

    51 728 wood
  7. December 11th

    Captain - lvl 25 barracks
  8. December 10th

    The current town has bontiful season, that adds 20% provisions to town.
  9. December 9th

  10. December 8th

    Time stamp is differet.
  11. Server is going like a jojo...

    Server is very unstable - respond time is very very long... I can do several attacks, no response - then it pops up all of them, wich also mess it up. It wont load new areas, have to refresh - and that takes a minute to complete. Messages and reports are not showing, because it takes too long...
  12. December 7th

    HC Heavy Cavalry
  13. December 6th

    Number 2
  14. TWX-15841 - Relocation provision Bug

    I see it resets now, finally...but some still got the bug. Hope they do a 'world reset' so it affects all...or restart.
  15. TWX-15841 - Relocation provision Bug

    That is abuse of bug - and should be reported.