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  1. Top 10 map

    hey you would know right ;) I’m sure NRU will be imploding soon enough once more with no identity just a bunch of coattail riders.
  2. Top 10 map

    Lol we’ve only brought in maybe 6 new recruits post purge. NRU brought in I cant even count anymore lol. Your definition of mass recruiting seems to be off.
  3. Rest In Peace Terebovlia

    NRU mass recruit the most of any tribes I’ve seen lol.
  4. Top 10 map

    There’s a reason they were kicked. lol.
  5. Top 10 map

    All of em
  6. Top 10 map

    Update update
  7. Top 10 map

    from what I remember rof attacked first before 48hrs nap was done so not talking out of my ass at all. I even remember you guys tried justifyin it lol.
  8. Top 10 map

    If it was anyone else but I was the one that took em n they admitted to it. So not much debate there xD
  9. Rest In Peace Terebovlia

    We all muricans in American Continent.
  10. General Discussion (Terebovlia)

    you know thats how TW2 is played :) drama comes around like Gwen every few weeks.
  11. Top 10 map

    You got major boning hate for TWD n BoS yet always complain about biasness lol. I even said before. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt till proven. We got proof n screenshot. Even if they don’t know it themselves. They believed it enough for us to kick em. And have always been BoS...
  12. Top 10 map

    This map bout to change real drastically real quick. Rumor has it that ex KoV are a bunch of tribe hopping snakes. Didn’t even know snakes can hop :0
  13. Top 10 map

    It’s not an attack Russian diplomat
  14. Top 10 map

    This one is outta date
  15. Top 10 map

    No one knowsss