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  1. this game is over

    They did the same to me lol
  2. Second form of game

    The 200 crowns for wining a server is a joke. I spend more coining a church and walls. Say 1k to 2k be nice. The US servers are mostly dead. EN servers still are very active from the few I've been on.
  3. TOP 5 TRIBES Standing

    The US servers we do have a temp nap for Christmas and New Year in the tribes I helped lead
  4. looking for a decent tribe

    nope... I just love the game nice seeing u buddy
  5. looking for a decent tribe

    Also these servers are so active I played on the US server they can't keep 100 active
  6. looking for a decent tribe

    Not just yet us is dead due to old mods that were buddy's to cheaters. We must stand together as players if we have to get things done email inno home office not in game I had a Mod close my tricked with 0 reply.
  7. looking for a decent tribe

    why another game? Don't run people from tw2
  8. Top 5 Tribes Updates

    We are :D
  9. Is this night bonus...

    I've never been on a server with Night bonus how does it work?
  10. Fake Ad

    shoot this is news to me I got to be on the ball I guess love free money wish the wheel gave out crowns lol
  11. Lots of bot users

    Trolling I see lol
  12. attacker of the week

    Love the pic btw ::::::D
  13. attacker of the week

    Who is this dude. Keep seeing his name
  14. attacker of the week

    Says he's banned.
  15. attacker of the week

    Who is gutsman