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  1. EN25 down

    I hope innogames come to gamescom, i got so many questions. i will be one of many representating CCP :) nanas the legendary builder will be there, he can solve all your IT issues.
  2. En25 not working

    i have looked at simulator and im gonna lose 5 nobles and half a nuke because i was unable to be there to time a second nuke.
  3. EN25 down

    EN25 down, stuck at loading not finding the game.... as this is a major issue and not something a moderator can fix i think the community would like a response from a developer. thank you very much :)
  4. En25 not working

    EN25 is down site is not being located.. as this is not a moderator problem but a problem on a developer level i would like to get some information from the game development team. A note please why this is happening and how they will stop it from happening in the future. We had this kind of...
  5. TOP 5/map

    lets get back on the topic. TAX- Let me introduce you to the Tax Collectors. Our goal is simple. We collect our fair tax of all our enemies villages while provide a safe and healthy 100% FREE tax to our ALLY and NAP, our position are mainly in the core and outer core in the EAST, we are fairy...
  6. TOP 5/map

    oh yeh? that one? I was sending deff to one of my villages or i was suppose to then you out of nowhere say ''we will be back in 5 minutes'' and then it was too late. lucky me it was just a fake noble deceiver... a) you announce a couple days ahead of the patch update a2) at the dev tracker...
  7. TOP 5/map

    I dont need more practice after winning 30+ realms... tbh you people meed practice in announcement. Yet again you fail to inform of a maintence schedulw...
  8. TOP 5/map

    again your making an example of something. grace period is an diplomacy that is agreed from both sides diplomats.... its something that has been done for the past 10 years in tribal wars.... and its been done in each world in tw2 by tribes that got respect for each other..... the chrismas...
  9. TOP 5/map

    what you fail to understand is that this is a strategy GAME, and the point of this grace period was to guarantee so each member are ONLINE when the attacks begin. so both sides can prepare. NOW i have several reports that TKA players are being cleared and in process of being nobled because they...
  10. TOP 5/map

    Saving the cards until the leadership of TKA answers what happend with the agreed grace period.
  11. TOP 5/map

    I'm here this evening to comment on the tribe TKA. TKA have decided they want to merge with TNS in the future atleast the rumours point in that direction. So because of this our relationship has ended with a grace period of 12H. the NAP went down this evening and a letter was sent out with an...
  12. Nginx problem, TW2 not available

    I can't enter again. it's like a white screen?
  13. Nginx problem, TW2 not available

    funny my spies were aswell back in village...
  14. Nginx problem, TW2 not available

    being kicked out again.... takes minutes to farm.
  15. TOP 5/map

    well this map is looking nice well done