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  1. Top 5 Tribes Updates

    You might as well put Wolf-pac and VIP together.
  2. Top 10 Map/Discussion

    But you guys are the one attacking?
  3. Top 10 Map/Discussion

    They are having a Goose meat festival.
  4. Top 10 Map/Discussion

    i prefer if he just give up and not try new strat.
  5. Top 10 Map/Discussion

  6. Top 10 Map/Discussion

    Your side is also making it tough for us.
  7. 70% reached

    No chance.
  8. Closing of the World

    Hang on , what about en37? It feels like some people are saying about merge to win. IF we really merge to win, i have no idea how some of us in TNS have offensive bash points above 100mil. we been nuking villas stack to 100~120k provision worth.
  9. Additional Report function

    Attacks on your villages without casualties on your side Attacks sent from you without casualties on your side Attacks on your support without casualties on your side The above are the current setting for reports. I would like to suggest a new setting to not provide reports on Do not provide...
  10. Mass recruit

    Stop using those dead co-op and launch fake/nuke attacks you damm white creatures.
  11. Mass recruit

    You guys merge with SI and WT,DA to slow us.