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  1. Bastille

    I bet you went under the name "LifeIsPain" or "NooneUnderstandsMe"
  2. Poll: World closing

    Thus the witch hunt for Volker begins!
  3. 80% reached

    There is not sane man/woman who doenst get excited about the thought of you and gutsman grinding a pole together! Grease the right pockets and suddenly things start to happen!
  4. Poll: World closing

    There used to be a street called Hibakusha´s Street but it was changed because nobody crosses Hibakusha and lives Hibakusha was the first man on mars, thats why there are no sign of life Hibakusha can set fire to ants with a magnifying glass, at night! Hibakusha wears sunglasses to protect...
  5. Duel to Death

    Our premade comes from several worlds so by putting EN21 as the world to join we give the chance for different worlds to finish up their worlds and some worlds to get a small break before starting :) All the cool people will join EN21, EN21 is the world to join not EN20 ;)
  6. 80% reached

    Im aware mods have already been notified in game about it however i am also aware it took 2-3 weeks before closing the world for new players once 70% was reached so im just posting it at as many places as possible so no one forgets to close the world :P If you close the world before the end of...
  7. Duel to Death

    Well do the good old fashioned time killer, rum: Have a little rum to drink, flirt with some pretty ladies in far too little clothing at the beach, have a few more drinks, go to a restaurant with your new made female friends, try and impress the ladies by ordering an exotic dish, start slurring...
  8. Duel to Death

    Liar liar pants on fire. I have this magic card right here which says I am the bestest player of all time! Also I bet my father can beat your father! My father is a ninja cowboy samurai kung fu special forces sniper astronaut!!
  9. Duel to Death

    Well if ADD were strangers or a bad tribe we wouldnt of called you out in the first place for obvious reasons :P If it it all goes good the world will be intense, fun and filled with rivalry if it turns out to be shit we do a Hibakusha Deathmatch! Win-Win situation! That said we are still going...
  10. Duel to Death

    Hello again ladies and gentlemen, im taking it as ADD are up for the duel? Im not sure who is running ADD atm but back in my days Descott and My Bad were two of the big shots. If that is still the case could we have an "official" yes from either one of you two lovelies? :)
  11. Duel to Death

    That spoiler made me giggle :P Having you in our premade is the equivalent of having a red bullseye painted on our back. You are an amazing tease, loving it! One day im going to have to work on giving compliments without sounding like im trying to sexually harass someone but hey what can I say...
  12. Duel to Death

    Personally I wouldnt call it a merger if you stomp a tribe and you recruit a few of their core players since that is selective recruitment. A merger to me is when the majority of a tribe joins another tribe. Like someone stated previously there are tactical mergers, mergers to end a world and...
  13. Duel to Death

    Fun isnt it? The competition of recruiting players for each respective premade starts even before the battle starts ;)
  14. Duel to Death

    Thats not who we want to bring thats who we are bringing :P Many of the EN6 winners play EN13 and many of the EN9 winners are playing EN17. We are not bringing ALL of the people from these different worlds its the worlds our premades players comes from :) No sabotage pacts have happened and...
  15. Duel to Death

    Oh sweet baby jesus, a walking talking carrot? All my dreams incarnated as a person. I cant tell you how long I have been waiting for this day, love <3 If you like to join in on the fun on EN21, throw me a private message with your skype :) Well, both Shekel and I will be in our premade. We...