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  1. Server down?

    I am online now. I may be one of the few that can log on at the moment. I don't know how many people are able to log on now.
  2. Race to 2000: Igreja de Sao Roque

    Can we get an update on what prizes are still available?
  3. Adapt and Conquer (AnC)

    You are in the SE region, which is K55 starts at (5xx|5xx).
  4. Adapt and Conquer (AnC)

    "We are Adapt and Conquer. We adapt to our surroundings and conquer the enemy." The goal of Adapt and Conquer is to analyze what the enemy has and adapt to compromise their defenses and conquer the world. We are a tribe based in the SE region of the world. We are still small in numbers, but I...