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  1. Top 10 map

    Thanks nru for taking nectan off our hands. Saves me from having to kick him :)
  2. Top 10 map

    The whole nru/rof nap i call b.s. when i was dealing with 500 incomings for 4 days straight. Rof was sending a lot of fakes as well with nru.
  3. Top 10 map

    They are trying gotta give them credit
  4. Top 10 map

    Just meat shields to protect the core.
  5. Top 10 map

    Who are you and why you important? Ohhh wait your not
  6. Top 10 map

    I wont even get into the rest of this nonsense. Too much drama for my liking. You know who has no drama or babysitters is twd. Lol
  7. Top 10 map

    What do you mean botting? Thats what jhing is good at
  8. Top 10 map

    Boh still alive? no idea
  9. Rest In Peace Terebovlia

    Why not time to read the forums. I mean you can say what you want about me or twd. Yes im canadian, yes we have been fighting some good some bad. Some tribe lost all their members. Nru has a bigger turnover then the restraunt industry. We agreed to a 7 days ceasefire that ended 30 hours before...
  10. Top 10 map

    So much for staying on topic. Lol hypritcal much Also bos and twd do not have diplomacy but that will change soon lol. And to put thr rumours to bed cause im fine with being honest. Twd (me) apporched bos first for diplomacy. I was respectfully declined cause of the ex kov members. Either way...
  11. Top 10 map

    Lol what players getting butthurt cause their is some friendly banter on the forums. I missed the tw 1 forums where the shit talking was real
  12. Top 10 map

    We have been waiting for a map update someone does it and you say the colours is horrible. I liked the map update. Cheers canowar
  13. Top 10 map

    Well it wasnt supposed to be spread on the interenet but whatever lol
  14. Top 10 map

    You get all the messages. I get like zero to join twd lol
  15. Top 10 map

    Im sorry i quoted that wrong on bos tribe page. Lol