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    World Drama

    Some people should really check before posting screen shots................
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    Mosteiro da Batalha

    @Coolnite7 You yourself wrote this on 3rd March, AAA hit 80% almost two weeks ago yet nothing has happened. Support tickets have also been sent in with so vague it's ridiculous responses. Do you work in a different dimension to the rest of us where two weeks equals a day or something?
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    Mosteiro da Batalha

    81% now :cool::cool::cool:
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    AAA are now at 81% @Coolnite7 so they've reached the required level
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    Notice for Breaking of NAP

    waduhek loves turtles
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    Thanks @Coolnite7 , much appreciated
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    GAME ON!!!!

    Me too, unfortunately :p:p:p
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    Script Issue

    It's been almost 24 hours now and still no response from the devs as to what's happening. Can any of the mods give us an update as to what's going on, please? And not the usual "We're aware of the issue" etc. On other threads there has been much discussion about improving communication to us...
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    Script Issue

    Been there, done that on two seperate PC's, still the same
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    Script Issue

    Still the same on both worlds I play on this morning, have the devs finished there 8 hour lunch break? :p:p:p
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    Another world, another fake Yakuza tribe

    Types in "casual hardcore" to Google :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    So Dreamy...

    I keep having dreams about Elizabeth Hurley, no idea why :cool::cool::cool:
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    Nginx problem, TW2 not available

    This is the conversation I had with them, not good enough
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    Nginx problem, TW2 not available

    I saw it and totally agree, as I said on your post. It's crap and rubbish like this that stops me spending money on this game and I know their are dozens if not hundreds of other players that feel exactly the same way about it.
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    Nginx problem, TW2 not available

    Just had a message from them on Facebook, it's maintenance down time. Why don't they advertise these things instead of just doing it?