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    General Discussion (Terebovlia)

    This still a thing ... They were a bit optimistic thinking a world would ever grow to 50k players. Hope that those of you still around are able to enjoy the game.
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    Gwendoline Events feedbacks

    Hey guys don't be so mean someone is trying to help for once. Maybe give them the time of day.
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    World Drama

    Yeah no point in talking anymore
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    Top 10

    Guess we know each other :P Unfortunately not everyone stick to the same name... Good luck with the world and thanks for making the maps ;)
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    What Player Are You?

    OR the guy that hangs around on the forums, still commenting having played years ago... ;)
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    A Discussion on Noobies (NUB)

    Well all you need to do now is find out who attacked someone on that exact time as the Act of Valour achievement...must have been a decent nuke that went splat...
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    Traitors and cowards from DUR

    Well, this is the international forum after all. So it is just natural that English is not necessarily the first language for most people here. And this post certainly blew up way more than I would have thought. Hope this world can remain competitive at least through the next few weeks
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    Traitors and cowards from DUR

    Just putting this out there... planting a spy and getting information is completely different from people being in a tribe disclosing information in the hopes that they might gain a place in the tribe they are disclosing the information too. Not saying any of the two situations actually happened.
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    World Drama

    Pleasure mate, just here for the laughs ;)
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    World Drama

    Well obviously the there is different slangs around... You could be seen as the simpleton...for making mute points but I am refering to you needing to bring women into to a conversation merely because it seems that you have some weird fascination for her pretty looks and secretly wanted to chat...
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    World Drama

    The only one simping, is you mate @Wrexor2020 ... who brought @Sister Sledge into the conversation... no one else but you :p
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    World Drama

    China is all about world domination... CHINA#1 "Merging" isn't the correct term "Taking over control and giving in to dictatorship" is a better term
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    80% Reached

    @Sister Sledge
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    Current standings

    Seems like this might be a good one... well see in a few weeks... Have fun out there guys and gals :) @theministry secretly hoping @PeaceFrog wins too :P