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  1. World ending announcement

    Please don't forget W52 too ;)
  2. Who is gonna join?

    52? You are sure?
  3. Top 10 Maps

    Damn it, So why i couldn't see any blue around?
  4. Just a suggestion;

    Hey Gutsman, Are you here ?
  5. Tribe number 1

    Wow, you won't welcome me too ? !!!
  6. RLP vrs B-H

    What about time during?
  7. RLP vrs B-H

    You both are only players from Big fish ?
  8. Leaderboard?

    Thanks cuddles, would you please add the new one upon the last one.
  9. Munkholmen Maps

    Nice Map, really nice
  10. Weekly update: Top player and tribes

    You think that is possible without any coordination ? They were prepared for that, i've heard after dropping the alliance one of the MRK players had about 100 incoming.
  11. We defeat BIG FISH

    So who is the next one ? !!!!, lol :D
  12. Account Sitting

    what about sitting time ? you can play with some accounts forever ?
  13. WAR's guide to beat BIG FISH

    Ok , we are the best, we will kick u all out from the world, is it enough ? there is no war declaration, no war statements , so here is no subject to brag about. ;)
  14. WAR's guide to beat BIG FISH

    this stuff? all stuff opened in munkholmen server :))
  15. Munkholmen Realm Competitions

    lol, done without