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  1. Race for the Realm (Top Players/Tribes)

    its been months since i touch this game/website why i always see the same faces lol
  2. Gossip Thread

  3. Pleased with new world 28

    I think its already taken care of since 27
  4. Official RNS Transfer Thread

    cmon whitty, 12 days into the server and 1300pts barbs are around already? i thought you can make a better propaganda my friend
  5. Official RNS Transfer Thread

    cmon mr planted spy noggs, lets dont roast each other
  6. top10 tribes map/info

    Ehhhhh, thats a lot of hate in 1 paragraph......
  7. The usual drama thread?

    Wrong thread nvm
  8. The usual drama thread?

    Might gonna update the map soon
  9. top10 tribes map/info

    you must be wrong my friend there's 49 players who's loyals and know what they doing :)
  10. en27 no tournament ?

    With pleasure, add me on discord There's something i want to talk about Link is on your in game account mail Open your acc at zipser already messaged dornkirk
  11. en27 no tournament ?

    Probably no compe yet rex Lets meet there P.S. : check discord
  12. Zipser Burg Newsletter

    so for those who are curious about our mighty former leader, that's where traitor belong
  13. Zipser Burg Newsletter

    Im a member of Templar Let just say, its our radical way to say "we want something fresh" good day
  14. Zipser Burg (EN26) Competition

    Name : Hexride Honor points : 30 I used crown