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  1. My Top 5

    Nice.. I can read these stories with no bias now that this world has ended :-)
  2. My Top 5

    Nobody else ? I'd like to see your top 5 Carrot..
  3. Interesting...

    Now that's a siggy!
  4. My Top 5

    Hello All, With the world ending, can we all post names of the top 5 players we have played with ? It could be players both on your side and the other side. Here's my list. 1) djp8 - A sharp tactician, an amazing teamplayer and a brilliant defender. (Ally) 2) Darkvampy - An outstanding team...
  5. Neuschwanstein

    For a change, I agree with the orange vegetable. We can't be making up the rules as we go along.
  6. Neuschwanstein

    Congrats Carrot70. We'll try and delay those 200 crowns for as long as we can ;)
  7. ASH & TEN Merge ?

    Of course it proves a point. Most active players have moved to one tribe. Out of unrelated curiosity, how old are you Carrot ?
  8. ASH & TEN Merge ?

    @shrimppuff90 - Yes, you have said this before and it was heard then. I will take most of what you say without question. @carrot70 - I can see it from your side. It sure looks like the rest of us are sitting at the rim and watching the action. Allow me to bring another perspective to how...
  9. ASH & TEN Merge ?

    Circles.. Consistent little circles. Go on.. What's left to merge now? HNS and TFT?
  10. ASH & TEN Merge ?

    PXS disbanded because the leadership went AWOL. They didn't see the ASH-TEN merge, get scared and disintegrate into oblivion. By the way, I like your repetitive logic. Someone back-stabbed someone once upon a time so you will merge with everyone in the world till it is one. At least you are...
  11. ASH & TEN Merge ?

    Isn't this what you said when you merged last?
  12. ASH & TEN Merge ?

    And now they are all champion mergers? They can merge with anything in sight I am sure..
  13. ASH & TEN Merge ?

    Good job man. I've got to give it to you. You are totally headed for world victory right now... I must admit I didn't think you'd pull this off when you started with that TEN-ASH merge
  14. ASH & TEN Merge ?

    Hello again Carrot! Merging again are we ?
  15. ASH & TEN Merge ?

    Okay snek. Carrot, still confused ?