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  1. Top Tribes

    I agree with you. This is not a game for the casual players. You need to be online constantly. And thats the problem, theres not much happening while being online, other than sending out farming, who is one of the most boring part of the game. Carrot once said he won the game cause while all...
  2. Top Tribes

    Well, i once used to find this game fun. But some of the updates made things a bit slow and some more pay-2-win. Updates who where hoped come and something to look forward to, like a good end-game where never made. Experienced players left and playerbase have gone down for each world, leaving...
  3. New World

    The problem with 200 member tribes is that its completely unbalanced compared to the number of players on a world. 3 years ago, 200 players tribe was even then a little over a comfortable level, and that was on worlds with 40-50 000 players. Now the world is barely above 10 000 players and EN31...
  4. Top Tribes

    Lord Teja, you might call MasterOfNone a pawn. And this time i would also like to call someone. I think i would like to call you rude. Either you like it or not. You did take in enemyplayers, thats a fact. I am not saying it is an either good or bad move, but it do looks like you got very...
  5. Top Tribes

    Ah, you won. Thats good for you. So they are taken and war is over now?
  6. World Rankings out of whack

    Well, this is just a guess. But you know the new endgame coming up and all that stuff. Its not like they can have different rankningsystem to each world played from same game server, that would be like running two different game versions at the same time. So this would make a mess for old...
  7. Morality

    I do agree with you, rhaegar2. Its all about the money and Inno doesnt make money on old worlds. But to answer cdboy, is harder. 106% from what? That is not the start moral from that player. So i would guess 106% includes battle luck, grandmaster and tribe skills weapon mastery. And who knows...
  8. Mass Mails

    HBR did not take any advantage of the situation the mass mail caused and even if HBR didnt get those messages, we just as much experinced an unstable server as any other players. The most logical explanation to who did this was an sour player who wanted to take it out on someone. And since we...
  9. World status

    I would have sent a ticket. But thats just me.
  10. World status

    Well, if they decided for this so called supermerge, they are wrong if they really think it would make them win this world. It would only give them 43% dominance. A merge to a superlarge tribe or just stay ally with a common enemy wouldnt make much difference.
  11. World status

    On some worlds tribes comes to an agreement that sabos shall not be used. I guess thats the closest thing players can do about this.
  12. World status

    The real problem isnt if one single village get sabotaged and a player should be able to handle that.The real problem is when a player is completely sabotaged down. If i have 50+ villages, i cant crown them all. It would be crazy expensive. And if you have tavern level 15 with sabprotection. Why...
  13. what merge ?

    This topic shouldnt be an issue if Innogames just could listen to the community. Its been requested for ages to get the number of members of a tribe lowered. And not only here on EN server. And yet, nothing happenes.
  14. Barbarians going crazy

    There you got your answer. A P&D player nobled a barb in your province.
  15. Barbarians going crazy

    Using the Master of loot before you noble a barb is a common strategy. But it can also be a guy who havent used his collection of masters and decided to start use them for no reason. And with the Resource deposit, he can have a pretty large collection of them as weeks have gone by.