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  1. General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

    I see you're still here TMS, been a long time since i played this game and tbh, i kinda miss it
  2. 80%

    Can't really expect good response times can you
  3. 80%

    Ah yes, the botting. Though tbh it was annoying when people openly talked about their bots and all that in the chats, and how the tribe had to put limits on how low point villages should be allowed to farm. But alas that seems to be the state of things.
  4. New Domination 70%

    I played a bit on this server but since i was gone for >6 months i don't have any contact anymore
  5. New Domination 70%

    I don't have any contact with them anymore (i was gone for 10 worlds) so i can unfortunately not.
  6. New Domination 70%

    bruh, who is even the leader atm?
  7. New Domination 70%

    Have you guys not wrappet up this world yet?
  8. General Discussion (Ilha dos ratos)

    Truer words have never been spoken, or perhaps they have. I wouldn't know
  9. Is this night bonus...

    That sounds a lot like INNO tbh.
  10. World Drama

    What have i missed on my 2 month Hiatus?
  11. World Drama

    They're not really crowning, though bottng is for sure pretty common. They pretty openly admitted it in the discord (not naming any names).
  12. What Player Are You?

    Oh yeah, i think they got a spot after i wen't inactive. If you join, just say hi too doom. Tell him that finally the barb in his areas grow.
  13. When will this world end?

    Yes they will, the thing is. Lately it's taken them a while. On en50 it took them more than 2 weeks but they did it. And they're doing it here too.
  14. Farming bots

    Because i like too.
  15. Farming bots

    Indeed, were's my tea.