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  1. Trash United

    lol I've never seen or heard of a tribe letting others get ahead simply for more of a challenge but that would be an interesting turn of events to see unfold. That's only if that will happen. I believe what said it's likely they'll restart but I still don't understand why a tribe would be...
  2. Trash United

    Perhaps but it doesn't make sense to boost a lvl 18 tribe while collectively sitting in the core not growing. It kind of just places a target on them pointing them out as a probable future threat not to mention all of them not growing wastes all of the added benefits they'll gather from...
  3. Trash United

    Anyone know what's going on with [T.U] I see them changing the tribe name 2-3 times a day and members aren't growing at all. Even though it's a level 18 tribe (The highest currently in world) most members are like 300 points and there not taking any additional members... Which is disappointing...
  4. Top 10 maps

    Currently a total of 274 player on W56. (VIP) the rank 1 tribe has 31 members (As of writing this). Taking players from another world or not the tribe owns over 10% of the worlds current player base xD that alone (at the moment especially) would make it an MRT. But suppose some players simply...
  5. Top 10 maps

    Why complain about MRT's and then join the tribe with the single largest player base (Currently 31/40) ..... Doesn't make much sense to me if I'm honest.
  6. Opening

    What time will this world open? Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. New Player

    Ok so I'll use the 40% total boost for the first week only to give an edge and pump coins into rally point for faster farming. Thank you for the advice
  8. New Player

    Ok so it is stacked to 40% increase for production it's good to know. Is it worth spending the 275 crowns on 1 week of boosts? Or is it worth to use those crowns to boost something like rally to lvl 4 instead for faster farming runs early game
  9. New Player

    Thank you Coldog does the ordinary resource boost stack with prosperity? Just curious if it'll have 40% extra per hour that way. Apart from those 2 is there anything else worth crowns? How about the starter packs I forget the name but gives a lot of different army generals to use. Tactictions...
  10. New Player

    Thank you. Ive kept reading the forums seeing what new information I can use to benefit myself. Never found someone saying how to best use crowns though. Played through the first few missions in W49 to get a feel for pacing I'll give it a proper go on W50 once it opens.
  11. New Player

    Hello everybody I'm new to the game, and by new I mean new, I've never played either Tribal wars 2 or the original. I'm not sure what the best way to play is or where is best to start so I was hoping to ask somebody for some tips. I've seen a new world opened almost 4 weeks ago while I was...