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  1. Farewell and Congrats

    i sent all my troops at you guys. i figured you might want some more defense point. happy end of the world to you.
  2. Farewell and Congrats

    congratulations, so when does the world end? do i have time to send out all my troops one more time just for the smell of it?
  3. catapult

    i hate the fact that i cannot destroy my hospitals. they waste space.
  4. catapult

    send resources to start. recruit troops. then farm and recruit. repeat.
  5. two ideas

    idea the first: add the function to downgrade building levels. i think that everyone wants this and many people have posted forum threads about this idea. idea the second: allow grid movement instead of scroll movement when i use my direction keys on my computer keyboard.
  6. 70% reached

    this is my first time playing a world during the end game time. will we be given a heads up in advance before the world ends? like when i log on after the goal is reached will there be a popup saying something like "this world will end in 7 days 20 hours 37 minutes and 22 seconds."? i would like...
  7. catapult

    that does sound fun, pretty much what i was thinking.
  8. catapult

  9. 70% reached

    so, i need to start working fast if TRT is going to win.
  10. catapult

    i want more farm space in some of my new villages. if i catapult down my HQ do i also have to take down the Hof O and academy? i also can not find a working simulator that lets me add catapult target. if anyone knows where i can find one i would appreciate it.
  11. church

    i am not sure if this belongs in this forum. sorry if i placed it incorrectly. if i am planning to move into another province. i think i should conquer a village, then build a church, then continue conquering other villages in that province. this just makes sense to me. i am a little...
  12. work work work

    that is what i figured. thanks for the response trenq
  13. work work work

    in the quest screens, it shows that my timber camp is 17/30 my clay pit is 1/30 and iron mine is 7/30 even though my lowest level out of my villages are 20, 10, 15 respectively, and my highest are 30. i really want to finish all the quest for the first time and this problem is aggravating me...
  14. resource deposit?

    oh i got it now. i guess i forgot. a mod can delete this thread if they want.
  15. resource deposit?

    Is the deposit not activated in this realm or am i having a glitch?